Hello, I'm Kathryn! 

Painting is a love of mine because for me it's a way to capture a memory, feeling, or thought in a beautiful way. Working with my hands, coming up with ideas, and mixing colors are some of my favorite aspects of the work. Oil paint is the main medium I use, I love the depth of the colors and they way they blend together. I'm inspired by moments of magic in life; a rainbow against the mountains, a peaceful moment between a mother and child, a new idea. Thank you for being here and supporting my work! 












Shapes & Sizes, JKR Gallery, March 2021 (1 painting)


300 Plates, Art Access Gallery, May 2020 (2 paintings)

Utah Art Market, Summer, Fall, & Holiday Markets


Cloth & Color, Davis Conference Center, July-August 2019 (15 paintings)

Artist of the Month, Waffle Love Gallery, December 2019 (7 paintings)