Kathryn was born in Northern Utah. She loves the mountains and exploring the Great Salt Lake. Painting is a deep love of hers; capturing moments and ideas in a beautiful way. She studied at the Beaux Arts Academy and loves to paint and sculpt. She lives in Utah with her husband and daughter.  













135 Fine Art Summer Show, Utah Art Market, June 2021

Haven Collection, Snow Horse Gallery in Layton Hospital, June-August 2021 (9 paintings)

300 Plates, Art Access Gallery, May 2021 (3 Paintings)

Shapes & Sizes, JKR Gallery, March 2021 (1 painting)


300 Plates, Art Access Gallery, May 2020 (2 paintings)

Utah Art Market, Summer, Fall, & Holiday Markets


Cloth & Color, Davis Conference Center, July-August 2019 (15 paintings)

Artist of the Month, Waffle Love Gallery, December 2019 (7 paintings)